As our name implies, Endtime Prophecy Net is dedicated to the study of the End Times and Bible prophecies and world events which are related to the Endtime and the end of the world. We watch for the fulfillment of such Endtime prophecies as the appearance of the Antichrist; the Battle of Armageddon; the 666 -- or Mark of the Beast -- the Great Tribulation; the destruction of Babylon the Great; the rise of the Beast and the False Prophet; the Second Coming of Christ; the Rapture of the Saints; the 7-year Holy Covenant; the construction of the Jewish temple; the renewal of the Daily Sacrifice; the Abomination of Desolation; the rise of the two Sackcloth Witnesses; the coming Millennium and other events described in the Book of Revelation -- or Apocalypse -- and other books of the Holy Bible. Bible prophecy is real, the End Times is now, and the prophecies of the End Time are coming to pass right before our very eyes, if we will only see and understand.

In addition to the aforementioned topics, in our hundreds of Bible studies, Endtime Prophecy Net also delves into many other issues which are of interest and concern to modern Christians, such as the quatrains of Nostradamus, the alien and UFO phenomenon, 2012 and the Mayan Calendar, the Nephilim or giants of the Old Testament, Nibiru, the Islamic Mahdi and the Jewish messiah Moshiach ben David. And, of course, many of our Bible studies are dedicated to the discussion of Salvation and Eternal Life, Christian spiritual growth and discipleship, witnessing and our Christian walk of faith in general.

Again, do not doubt; because Bible prophecy is being fulfilled, and we are indeed living in the period known as the Endtime, as described in the pages of the Holy Bible! The end of the world as we know it may be closer than you think! In fact, the Beast -- who some people refer to as the Antichrist -- may be alive today; and so may the False Prophet who will cause the world to worship the Beast! The Battle of Armageddon may be drawing closer in the Middle East, as attempts to bridge the gap between the Jews and the Palestinians fail again and again, and military governments are replaced by more Islamic-leaning governments. According to Bible prophecy, it is only a matter of time before the Beast implements his Mark of the Beast / 666 enforced identification and credit system with help from his deceptive public relations man, the False Prophet. Many people will then experience Great Tribulation. God's children will also experience the long-awaited Rapture event! Babylon the Great -- that great city which reigns over the kings and rulers of the Earth -- will likewise burn! Even now the Jews seem to be drawing closer to rebuilding their temple so that they can resume their cherished Daily Sacrifice. The Holy Covenant may make these events possible.

This is not fiction. Bible prophecy is real, the End Times are now, and the events of the End Time that are described in the pages of the Book of Revelation -- and in other books of the Bible -- are fact! Jesus Christ is coming for His children, despite what End Times scoffers and naysayers may think and say, and He will lead us into the Golden Age of the Millennium, exactly as Bible prophecy predicts! Are you ready for these Endtime prophecies of the Apocalypse? Are you prepared for the end of the world as you now know it? Or will you remain skeptical of the signs of the End Times and foolishly be left behind? The choice is yours.


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02/05/2013 13:37
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Are You Crucified With Christ?

02/05/2013 13:34
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02/05/2013 13:26
Some time ago, a woman wrote to me regarding a problem she had encountered while trying to witness to members of the sect known as the Rastafarians. To be honest, I know very little about this group; but according to the message she sent me, the problem lies in the fact that they embrace a doctrine...

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24/10/2012 21:28
  …There is no such thing as defeat for the child of God…we are always assured God's help…stop relying on feelings…Trust God…He commands us to be strong and of good courage…not to be afraid or dismayed…for the Lord ,your God is with you wherever you go(Josh.1:9)…trust...